WOD 140217

EMOM 14m shuttle Run LADDER 2-4-6-8-10-12…. DDB box 📦 step up @60/50 When you finish, immediatly after, in the next minute, perform Amrap of air squat in 1′

WOD 110217

ENDURANCE CHALLENGE FOR TIME: 50Wallball + 1500m row CASH IN (Tie break) 5rft: 21 SDLHP @24/16kg 15 Box Facing burpees (Tie Break) 100m Bear Crawl (Tie break) 3rft: 400m plate Run @10/5kg 15 GTOH@40/30kg (Tie break) 3rft: 25 OH step lunges@30/20 5x50m shuttle Burpees (Tie break) 3rft: 30 DU UB …

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